Otsego Township

PO Box 257 | 400 N. 16th St., Otsego, MI 49078 | Phone: 269-694-9434 | info@otsegotownship.org

Welcome to our new website! The new site has improved navigation and is mobile/tablet friendly. We’ve also been working to add more information and resources throughout. If you have any questions email: info@otsegotownship.org

Important Township Notices

Township Closed

Otsego Township is closed December 22, 2023, through January 1, 2024. We will be open December 27, 2023, to take taxes only 8am-4pm.

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Election Results

Click here to view the November 2023 Otsego Township election results: https://www2.allegancounty.org/Elections/Map/Report.aspx?qpid=WP-03-61640&jn=Otsego%20Township#:~:text=Election%20Summary%20Report,849

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Important Township Announcements

Future Notifications

To help with future notifications please email us at info@otsegotownship.org or call (269) 694-9434. Please include your name, address, email contact and phone number.

This will allow us to send mass notifications when necessary.

Important Township Information

Our email addresses have changed from “@otsegotownship.com” to “@otsegotownship.org” to match the website. All emails sent to the old address WILL NOT continue to be forwarded to the new address. Please update your email list so there isn’t a delay in your communications and begin emailing the new addresses. Thank you!