Otsego Township

PO Box 257 | 400 N. 16th St., Otsego, MI 49078 | Phone: 269-694-9434 | info@otsegotownship.org

Welcome to our new website! The new site has improved navigation and is mobile/tablet friendly. We’ve also been working to add more information and resources throughout. If you have any questions email: info@otsegotownship.org

Otsego Township now offers doxo pay. Please click “Pay Bill” to pay through doxo. Paying with your bank account is free. There is small fee when you pay with a credit or debit card. In order to pay your bill on time, please be prepared for the processing time of 6 days via bank acount or 4 days via credit/debit card. You will need your account number to make a payment. (We cannot accept credit/debit cards in person. If you wish to pay by card, you will need to use doxo pay online.)


Click here for the Millage for the Fire Department ballot for the May 2 Special Election. Click here for Otsego Fire Department Staffing Proposal. Click here for Otsego Fire Department Call Breakdown.

The recycling pick up days have changed from Fridays to Monday. The new 2023 calendars are being printed and will go out as soon as they are ready. In the meantime click here to view the 2023 calendar.

Future Notifications

To help with future notifications please email us at info@otsegotownship.org or call (269) 694-9434. Please include your name, address, email contact and phone number. 

This will allow us to send mass notifications when necessary.

Consumers Energy Line Clearing

Consumers will be trimming trees and brush in accordance with their standards to increase reliability in the area indicated on the map. The project will encompass parts of multiple municipalities. Residents will receive a postcard from us letting them know of the upcoming project. See below for our line clearing standards.

What You Can Expect

Line Clearing Map

Share the Space Brochure


Zones 2, 3 & 4

Zone 2 was picked up Monday 01/16. If you were missed, please go to the services tab on this page and scroll to “curbside recycling” click on the link for missed container and fill out the form. This will submit your request right to Allegan county.

Zone 3 is getting picked up this Friday 01/20.

Zone 4 is getting picked up Monday 01/23. This should get everyone on track for February and Monday pickups!

Sorry for all the confusion and hopefully this will correct all the pickup’s and we will have a smooth transition from Fridays to Mondays in February.

Those who wish to be added to our email and/or phone list for easier notification please send your name, address & phone number to info@otsegotownship.org

Important Township Information

Our email addresses have changed from “@otsegotownship.com” to “@otsegotownship.org” to match the website. All emails sent to the old address will continue to forward for a few months. But please make note of this change and begin emailing the new addresses. Thank you!