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Bulk Trash


The cost for the first pick up (April 2023) was twice the amount that is collected for all of the bulk trash pickups for the year. Due to the price hike, the Township has decided to put a proposal on the ballot on November 7, 2023. We all appreciate having this service as an option but at these rates, it is not affordable. The Township is looking at other options and trying to find something that will be the right fit. We understand that this is disappointing and share the disappointment with you. Please remember to vote on November 7th as we want to know what all of you want to see going forward.

2023 Bulk Trash Dates

Bulk trash will be done by recycling zones this year. Please be aware of what zone you are in for the correct dates. If you don’t know what zone you are in, please check the map on the services tab under Recycling – curbside or stop in the office for one. The office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm.

If you are in Zone 2, your bulk trash pickup date will be Saturday April 15th
If you are in Zone 3, your bulk trash pickup date will be Saturday April 22nd
If you are in Zone 4, your bulk trash pickup date will be Saturday April 29th

Please have your bulk trash items to the curb the Friday before your pickup date.

*Items can NOT be heavier than what two men can lift

*Items that are outside of restrictions will not be picked up

List of acceptable and unacceptable items per Waste Management company