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Recycling Collection Weather Related Schedule

Yesterday when running the recycle route, the drivers reported unsafe road conditions on Fox Mountain Dr, Rolling view, and pleasant view. 

Looking at temperatures throughout the week and next, we feel our best opportunity would be to attempt to collect these residents next Monday, the 22ND. The Stops have been moved to this new service day to ensure on route for collection. 

Recycling & Trash Information

Otsego Township uses Republic Services as our recycling service provider. We use a 96 gallon roll away cart and collections are one Monday each month based on your location. To start, stop, or transfer service: contact Allegan County at (269) 673-5411 or email at: alleganeh@allegancounty.org – in the email please provide your full address, state that you are in Otsego Township, state your need (start, stop, or transfer curbside recycle service), and provide your phone number along with your first and last name. You may also request a cart via the Allegan County Curbside Recycling Service Request

Bulk Trash Dates TBA

Curbside Recycling

Click here to view Otsego Township Recycling Services Contract

Otsego Township uses Republic Services as our recycling service provider.  Collections are one Monday each month based on your location: Recycle Zone Map

Otsego Township 2024 Recycling Calendar

Otsego Township 2023 Recycling Calendar

Curbside Recycling Guide

For more recycling opportunities please visit the Allegan County Resource Recovery and Recycling Program

My curbside recycling was missed; what do I do? If your recycling cart was out in time and you were missed, please contact Republic Services at 1-877-MY-TRASH or fill out this online form here. If you require additional assistance, contact Resource Recovery at 269-673-5411. NOTE: Winter weather may cause pick-up delays.

To start, stop, or transfer service- submit your request through the Allegan County Curbside Recycling Service Request form.

Have you heard of 'Wishful Recycling'? It causes more harm than good!

Wishful recycling occurs when material is tossed in the recycling bin that you hope are recyclable or think should be. It is good intentioned, but it causes contamination and can result in recyclable material being sent to the landfill. Only place acceptable materials in your recycling container and ensure it is clean and loose. Clean recycling reduces contamination and loose material aids in sorting.

For other recycling options, please visit: Recycling Miscellaneous