Otsego Township

PO Box 257 | 400 N. 16th St., Otsego, MI 49078 | Phone: 269-694-9434 | info@otsegotownship.org

Electronics, Household, & Other Recycling

 Miscellaneous recycling of electronics, household waste, appliances, cardboard, metal, polystyrene (also known as styrofoam), and more is available during Allegan County Resource Recovery Recycling events and at Broken Arrow which is Otsego Township’s recycling depot. You will need to visit the township office to pick up a resource recovery card to drop off the following at Broken Arrow: TV (limit 1), monitor (limit), tires (limit 4), and/or certain appliances (limit 2). For additional items, please call Broken Arrow to confirm the items you wish to recycle and their open hours: 269-673-2062. Broken Arrow is located at 1100 Lincoln Road, Allegan, Michigan. Please also see links below for more information.

Allegan County Resource Recovery and Recycling Program Regional Events

Allegan County Regional Recycling Depots

For more recycling opportunities and services please visit: https://www.allegancounty.org/health/resource-recovery-and-recycling-program

Tire Recycling

Please contact Rosemary Graham at 269-686-4559 or at rgraham@allegancounty.org to inquire about future tire collection events or pick up a Resource Recovery card at the township office which is good for four tires at Broken Arrow.

Used Motor Oil

Call Little Pines Service, 131 East Allegan Street, Otsego 269-692-3233,  or Auto Zone, 1380 M-89, Otsego, 269-692-2868 to check their hours for dropping off used motor oil.  Don’t mix other wastes with oil.

Sharps and Med Disposal