Otsego Township

PO Box 257 | 400 N. 16th St., Otsego, MI 49078 | Phone: 269-694-9434 | info@otsegotownship.org

Assessing Information

The Board of Review Members through 2023 are: Neil Browne, Harold Immekus, and Tom Dutton; with alternate: Dion Livingston.

The July Board of Review meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July.

The December Board of Review meets on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December. 

Times for these meetings will be posted when they are set.  July and December Board of Review meetings are to correct mutual mistakes and clerical errors, you may not argue valuation at these meetings.

If you feel that your property’s value is not assessed correctly you must attend the March Board of Review hearings.  Change notices will be mailed to all property owners prior to March 1st and the Board of Review meeting times will be noted on your notice. 


Township Assessor

Patrick Couch

Lydia Paille

Office hours: Wednesday 12:30-3:30pm.

Email address: