Otsego Township

PO Box 257 | 400 N. 16th St., Otsego, MI 49078 | Phone: 269-694-9434 | info@otsegotownship.org

Property Tax Information

Property tax bills are mailed out twice a year.  Summer tax bills are mailed out on July 1st with a due date of September 14th and Winter tax bills are mailed out on December 1st with a due date of February 14th.  By law I am authorized to collect property tax payments until February 28th each year.  After March 1st payments for real property taxes must be made to the Allegan County Treasurers office.

Pay Delinquent Taxes online at:  https://www.allegancounty.org/departments/treasurer-s-office/pay-delinquent-taxes

If you would like to view property tax information online please go to:

https://www.allegancounty.org/departments/treasurer-s-office/search-tax-records and follow the instructions for tax searches.

2019 Tax Collections Distribution